Friday, March 5, 2010

Trains and Tennis

3/5/2010 - Trains

Boy, I'm coming up with pretty creative titles, huh? 
 These kids of mine love trains. And I mean: Love. Trains. It makes me so happy to have them all four play together so well! (Meaning, they almost never try to kill each other when they play with them.) And it's even better when you have two uncles building tracks for you. :) 

3/4/2010 - Tennis Star

Yesterday at our homeschool coop, the sport was tennis. Carson isn't a big fan of any of the games they usually play, but tennis? He was thrilled! And how could you not love it when your mommy's best friend's husband (also known to him as "the best tennis player in the whole world") is teaching you some new moves? :)
By the way: I know this picture is blurry and this IS a photography challenge, but I just loved it so much. And it's my challenge, anyway. ;)

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