Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13, 2011

January 13, 2011 - It's a Marshmallow World
Does anyone else remember building with toothpicks and marshmallows? We went through and entire box of toothpicks and a bag of mini marshmallows last night! The kids thought I was the most awesome builder ever. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011 - Heirlooms
My mom's baby dress and my bonnet and booties. Someday I hope Elisa appreciates them as much as I do!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

White January

I'll try to be better at posting this year.....
Anyway, I've decided to add to the challenge and have a different theme each month. We'll see if I remember. :) So January will be white pictures. Because it's Minnesota and everything is white!

January 1, 2011 - White
Um, yeah. I can't title pictures.

January 2, 2011 - Falling
Love, love, love those big fluffly snowflakes!

January 3, 2011 - Stamped
There are always letters waiting to be mailed now!

January 4, 2011 - Forever
To remember Keagan.

January 5, 2011 - 2 Messages
That won't be getting deleted anytime soon unless it's an accident!

January 6, 2011 - Snowball Cookies
Otherwise known as Russian Tea Cakes, Mexican Wedding Cakes, and who-knows-what-else. Fav.O.Rite.

January 7, 2010 - Milk and Left-Overs
Better than you might think when the left-overs are breakfast lasagna!

January 8, 2011 - Forgotten
We thought we packed up Christmas, but this little favorite tried to stay out!

January 9, 2011 - Perfect Pound Cake
And except for the fact that it wouldn't come out of my (non-stick!) pan, it was perfect. The secret ingredient? Sprite.

January 10, 2010
Christmas is down, now just clean and simple winter things. :)

January 11, 2011 - Just enjoy the date. 1.11.11 :)

The End Of 2010 :) I Made It!!!

November 23, 2010 - Free
And so happy to be free. :)

November 24, 2010 - Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Heaven
To. Die. For.

November 25, 2010 - Too Much Turkey

November 26, 2010 - And I Made $10
Gotta love Walgreen's Thanksgiving Day deals. :)

November 27, 2010 - Grateful
The kids had a little assignment to show me a few things they were thankful for. Their overflowing gratitude blew me away. And made for one proud-to-be-their-mommy moment. :)

November 28, 2010 - Tree Day
Turck's Trees is our favorite place to get a Christmas tree. Santa, hot cider and cookies, live reindeer, and they shake and bale your tree while you enjoy it all!

November 29, 2010 - Rainy Bokeh

November 30, 2010 - Don't. Turn. On. The fan.

December 1, 2010 - Christmas Mice
Very sweet ones. :)

December 2, 2010 - Candy Canes

December 3, 2010 - Welcome

December 4, 2010 - It's not hot cocoa till you add the candy cane. :)

December 5, 2010 - Gingerbread Trifle
I have to make this every Christmas since we found the recipe a few years ago. It's a big hit, and when there are a few leftovers, it makes an AWESOME breakfast. :)

December 6, 2010 - Keagan and Sunday

December 7, 2010 - Cousin Hugs

December 8, 2010 - Carson's first Christmas
Was he really ever that little?!?!

December 9, 2010 - Christmas Dinner
Yes, we knew it wasn't the 25th. Since Eli had to leave on the 14th for Basic Training, we celebrated a little early. :) And it felt like Christmas.

December 10, 2010 - Where's the Mistletoe?

December 11, 2010 - Lights
Colored lights are quite a treat - I'm usually for all-white. :)

December 12, 2010 - "I'm Mommy"
"I'm Mommy at Teresa's getting her hair done!". Heehee!

December 13, 2010 - Going Away

December 14, 2010 - Leaving
Next time we see him, he'll be an Airman First Class. :) Too bad it's so far away!

December 15, 2010 - The Reason
We try to keep Jesus the center of Christmas. My great-grandma made this nativity for me when I was little.

December 16, 2010 - How Many Days?
118 until Eli comes home. 59 until he graduates and we get to see him. For a couple days. Boohoo.

December 17, 2010 - Hot and Fresh
My mom and sisters made  home-made doughnuts for the first time and I happened to be there to taste them! They were awesome. :)

December 18, 2010 - What Minnesotans do in the winter.
Snowmobile. Carson and Auntie Bethany.

December 19, 2010 - Merry Christmas, Daddy!
He can get letters and pictures, so we're taking lots!

December 20, 2010 - Looking up
I love how you see new beautiful things just by changing your perspective!

December 21, 2010 - New Kicks
I've been drooling over Skechers Shape-ups for months and finally splurged on some - for $30! :)

December 22, 2010 - What may happen if your camera gets kidnapped...
Or if you forget it at your mom's house.

December 23, 2010 - Christmas Eve Eve
We (the kids) always sleep under the tree on Christmas Eve. This year we did it on Christmas Eve Eve. :)

December 24, 2010 - Christmas Lollipops

December 25, 2010 - The Untraditional Christmas
Spent playing cards with family. :)

December 26, 2010 - Creme Brulee
For the first time, we (my mom) made creme brulee, and now we don't know why we were so intimidated by it! So you use a torch. It's easy. :)

December 27, 2010 - Elisa's Letter
And she's been "scrapbooking" with me, too!

December 28, 2010 - Naptime
I don't know why just the word "naptime" makes me smile. :)

December 29, 2010 - New Hat
And he looks like a little elf in it!

December 30, 2010 - It Takes a Village
A "gingerbread" village.

December 31, 2010 - Ringing in the New Year