Thursday, March 4, 2010

Unfinished and Legs

3/3/2010 - Unfinished

If there's one thing that I'm good at, it's not finishing things. I'm not even sure how many not-finished-half-thought-out-awesome-idea-projects are piled in the basement. :) But this one isn't supposed to finished. Yet. Any guesses on what it is (or should I say, going to be)? Fine. Since it would be impossible to guess from this picture, I'll tell. :) It's the start of three quilts. One for each of my little men, made out of their old clothes. I'm constantly torn between being sentimental and organized, so this is the most perfect mix I've thought of! By the time jeans, shirts, and jammies make it through 3 boys (or sometimes 2, or sometimes only 1), they're done. Stains, holes, rips, and a deliberate cut or two ;) make them unfit for wearing, but they can still have a few 4-inch squares salvaged! So for awhile now, I've been saving those once-thought-ruined clothes in a basket and gradually cutting them into squares. Carson was so excited when I told him what I was doing and said it could be on his bed instead of his "Cars" comforter. (Yay!) Originally I had thought they would just be little keepsake quilts, but seeing the way they go through clothes makes me think they could possibly be bed-size quilts! So, in a few years or so, maybe we'll find out. And please: make me finish this project, because just thinking about it makes me so happy! :)

3/2/2010 - Legs

It's been so beautiful here the past few days, so we've been taking advantage of it by playing outside a lot! Elisa spent lots of time making these legs in the snow. But she just couldn't decide what kind of legs they should be, so they just stayed legs. :)

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