Monday, March 1, 2010

Catching up the Week-end

3/1/2010 - Ready for a Second Wind

I love this chai. Really, really love it. And it's such a simple little indulgence! Coffee aisle at Wal-Mart. $3.48, if I remember correctly. ;) Pour your favorite mug half full of it, fill the rest with milk, and microwave 2 minutes. Happiness with a little boost of caffeine. :)

2/28/2010 - Two of a Kind

I could hardly believe these two could (and wanted to) go down the big water slides by themselves! I wish they hadn't been moving so fast; I really wanted a picture of them holding hands running up the stairs. It melted my heart.

2/27/2010 - Just Add Water

A few years ago, we went to our favorite waterpark hotel for Carson's birthday, and now he just assumes that's where we'll be for every single birthday! So this year we went a day late so he could go out for pizza and bowling on his birthday, but that was okay with him. :) The kids all hardly left the water the entire week-end!

2/26/2010 - Airman First Class

Today, we finalized one of the major decisions of our lives. After months of praying, talking, thinking, and researching, Eli enlisted in the Air Force Reserve today. It's overwhelming, exciting, and a little bit scary! He doesn't have his dates yet, but probably in October, he'll be going south for his basic training and tech school. The scary part? It will last about 4 months. Wow. I'm not sure how we'll do it yet, but we'll be fine. I know we will. Right?

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