Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cooking With Boys

2/23/2010 - Cooking With Boys

I'd like to just let you draw your own conclusion with this picture and title, but I'm an honest person, so I'll explain. Today was Pancake Day, and I was too lazy to take the kids to IHOP, but thought at least we'd make pancakes for supper. So Aidan and Jack grabbed a chair and dragged it up to the counter to help. Aidan begged to crack the eggs into the batter, but I had to go into some long explanation about how "Mommy has to do it because we don't like to eat egg shells, and when you crack eggs sometimes some shell gets into the food, or you crack the egg holding it too tight, or - " SPLAT. Or you drop it on the floor, I guess. Nice. So next time, Aidan's cracking the eggs. ;)

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